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Mobile Apps Benefits

Software as a Service

51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product.

Work on the Go

This allows you to work and modify things at any location

Social Media

80% of time users spend on social media comes from mobile devices

Trading Systems

We provide mobile apps through microsoft to allow you to be connected to your systems at all times

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How Our System
Benefits You

Amsoft ensure that all of our services can be accessible through mobile to allow you the convenience of accessing your systems on the go.

We can help to maintain and modernize your infrastructure by adding IT through the use of powerapps. This offers a simple yet effective solution for a paperless system. 

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We aim to build these systems to connect to your databases so that anything you log is stored internally.


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Ease of Use

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Using powerapps allows your workers to log data whenever is convenient for them given internet is avaiable.

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Time Saver


The beauty of using an app over paper is that your data is saved when you close the app, it can be done in your own time.

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Powerapps Case Study

We can build an app tailor made to fit your business model. The most common use for our service is a mobile database to store information.

This data is stored on sharepoint through powerapps and can connect to your database in an instant. See it as three entities communicating with each other simultaneously.

We can build apps for multi use purpose as well, on the right shows that if the admin is logged in then he can add a job, but if a regular  is logged in then he cannot add a job. Powerapps allows specific features for users to make sure that data is only changed by admin.


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We are Trusted
Throughout Leicestershire

Emilia Clarke
Vision Windows
"We needed a brochure website, which Amsoft kindly did for us. We wanted some branding too, so Amsoft created a new logo and designs for our van. Ady was very helpful throughout the whole process. We look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you."
Emilia Clarke
Label Apeel
"From the moment that you call Amsoft and get them involved, Amsoft use their, can-do-attitude, to tackle the problem. Working with Amsoft for over 15 years, they have created many time saving database solutions to minimise our repetitive tasks. I would definitely reccommend Amsoft."